Testing! Testing! Testing! But it’s Christmas!

Oh, It’s Christmas time!

I am trying hard to incorporate as many festive activities into our day as possible.

But…. it is time for mid year testing.

There are 7 different assessments that I need to complete on each student. Most all of the tests have to be administered one on one. This takes a lot of time.

I really want to let the kids enjoy this magical season. They only get to be kids for a short time.

Today they worked in small groups for the Chain Link Challenge! They enjoyed the activity, and I was able to get a few items on one assessment completed.


Cat Scratch Fever

Oscar does not like the bedroom being off limits to the feline population of the house.

He has never been in the bedroom, but that doesn’t stop him from begging.

Thankfully, the “man cave” is on the other side of the door. It has another door to the rest of the house, so at night they (3 cats total) can’t beg at the door. This is a great thing!

As you can see, Oscar has already pulled up the threshold strip and scratched the bottom of the door!

He is rough on this old house!

Oh My Not Sure I am Ready for THIS


A mom knows that this time is coming, when her children start getting serious with their significant others.

My son AND my daughter will be getting engaged soon…very soon.

My daughter came home for her Thanksgiving Break telling me that she was asked to pick out a band for an engagement ring.

My son was talking about a ring for his girlfriend as well. I offered this ring that his father had given me ( no longer my Mister), so that he could use the diamond.

Diamond rings are SO expensive! It really is a monopoly. Feeding on dreams of young women everywhere.

So, I guess this mom will be learning many things very, very soon.

Thanksgivings Past

These weird birds are guinea hens. They are a few of my dads fine feathered friends. His birds are pets, so they are always safe at family gatherings.

Not sure how a guinea would taste anyhow??? 🤔

As I was up bustling around in the kitchen this morning, I reflected on Thanksgiving mornings from the past. I had never given it too much thought… how Thanksgiving mornings use to be for our mothers and grandmothers.

Prepping all the food… hot oven… dishes clanging…washing the second load of dishes…trying to plan the time each dish needs in the oven.

I am sure it was more difficult than what I am experiencing now. I have it easy, with modern conventions.

The time and planning they would of had to have. Wow.

My sister-in-law and I are now the co-matriarchs of the family and are now responsible for the meal. Our mothers and mother-in-law get to relax today and enjoy the family. It is their turn.

I imagine our reign will be for 15-20 years, by then our daughters should be ready to inherit the meal.

I hope you all have a great day!

…gotta go…I smell the pies!

Grading, Grading, Grading

Most evenings there is a battle for lap space… and tonight was no different. The Mr. took this picture an hour ago to send to my daughter. She had a request…which was met with a scoff, as I commented on my current situation… which was grading papers and dealing with cats trying to gain the coveted position.

As you see from the picture, the king is not really happy that he could not be in my lap. In fact, I just started laying papers and such on him.

The king’s name is Angel, which he is at times. In the foreground is Sissy, she is a petite tuxedo cat. Sissy won’t lay on my papers when I work, but the second items are lifted she is there in a flash!

Sissy and Angel have quiet a few spats over my lap… while the Mr. sits sadly by, with an empty lap begging for feline attention.

Lucky me😑

Is There Some For Me?

This is the King. The king is trying to mooch chicken from our plates. Hoping to be given a little morsel.

He knows not to get on the table( at least while we are there).

Unfortunately, I have to scold the mister, he slips him a bite here and there.

This cat had to undergo major rehabilitation when I joined the family.

He was allowed on the table. Mom said no, so I’m the bad guy… what’s new…

Let’s Skip Tuesdays!


If I could skip any day of the week, it would be Tuesdays!

Mondays are ruled by way too much down time from the weekend. Just go through the motions. Get the day checked off the list.

Wednesday and Thursday… just resolved to push through the week.

Friday… easy,  bribe them with free choice time at the end of the day.

Whoa is  Tuesday! Cranky tattletales that whine about everything!

No, not the kids…the teachers!