Cat Watering Jug

Yes… I know this looks kind of

redneck-ish… BUT, it works!

Our senior male cat ( not in the picture) loves to splash in the water dish. It insures that the floor gets cleaned on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it also caused some warping in the flooring. So the Mister decided that this little contraption would solve the problem. He was right…it did!

The cats look ridiculous while drinking!


69 Year MIA Finally Comes Home

Sgt. Billy Maxwell finally got to come after being listed MIA in 1950.

Sgt. Maxwell’s remains will be interred later today.

He was one of the 55 soldiers that were sent home by the leadership of North Korea this past year. It would be nice if this was the tip of the iceberg… and the rest of the MIA’s could be returned.

It was a nice processional that escorted him home. Many local police departments send cars for the escort. The sleepy little town lined the route home in American flags. A nice population of citizens also lined the route to pay their respects to Sgt. Maxwell’s remains family.

I teach in this community. I’m also wildly patriotic. So I stuck around to pay my respects. The kids in the after school program, were also brought over to the road to experience/ participate in paying their respect. I teach several of the kids in this picture… they didn’t say a word as the processional passed… I was proud of them for maintaining dignity and respect.

I have a high level of respect for our Veterans. Regardless of what job they did. The guys on the ground, sea and air, do take the brunt of the danger. They would not be able to do their job without backup.

So whether you are the swing, or a link in the chain…a swing can’t work without either part (ghosty). Thank you for your service

One of Many

I love kayaking!

It was a favorite hobby of mine long before kayaking took hold of the general population.

Today was the first time in a year that I have been. I sure have missed it… and my arms are now yelling at me. 😳

Prior to getting married and moving, I only lived two miles from the lake. I went at least 5/6 days a week. Now it is about a 30 minute trip, which isn’t bad, but it takes the spontaneity out of it.

I had the lake to myself this morning. No fishermen around. The lake is way up due to the heavy rain that we had this weekend. Gentle breeze, partly cloudy… perfect!

Too Many Hobbies!

Hi one and all!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm weather.

I am having a bit of a problem juggling all my “want to do’s”!

I am on summer break from school and I have stayed super busy working outside. I finally got the garden planted. It was a little late being planted because the tractor was broken.

I live in the woods and have zero yard space. I wanted a few flower beds by the house soooo… I clipped limbs and chopped down vines and collected a large number of rocks that were laying around and created flowerbeds.

Along with the flowerbeds and garden, I pressed washed the garage and driveway. Also the basement flooded… not much, but enough to make things wet. So that has been a load of summer fun.

I love reading, and have started my summer reading binge.

My daughter comes home for the summer at the end of the week, and we have several things planned. We are visiting wedding venues next week and trying to get some beginning plans rolling.

I hope everyone is doing well. I’ll catch up with you soon!

Spring has Sprung!

I have the best commute!

This is just one of the farms I pass daily going to and from work. They usually just use this field for hay, cutting it a few times during the growing season. I need to remember to take a picture when the hay is bailed, it is just as pretty.


We have a serious lack of understanding this in our society.

Today students and teachers at my school had to deal with the consequences of a mad parent. They probably have no idea the turmoil they caused because of their threats. Maybe they did and don’t care. IDK

We have a set of parents that are in legal trouble with our school system because their child has been absent from school for a total period of 9 weeks. Basically an entire quarter of school.

They are not pleased that it has become a legal issue, so they threatened to bomb the school and kill our principal.

As a result, we were in lock down mode since early this morning when it occurred.

A lockdown is when we are confined to the classroom with our doors shut and locked. No students are allowed in the hallways alone.

For the students this means: doors locked, no recess, no emergency trips to the bathroom, no visits to the media center for book checkout, or for any other reason that they needed to leave the classroom.

I had one student with a splitting headache. I knew it was truly a real headache. In order to get her to the nurses office, I had to line the entire class up and take everyone to escort her.

Major loss of instructional time.

I did not tell the students the details of the lockdown. I DID explain how what was happening was the result of someone else making bad choices and losing their temper.

Maybe some of it will stick.

Thanks for the vent.