Distance Teaching this Summer

It has been a hot minute since I have posted… but there is a lot going on around here these days.

July summer school is set up to begin later this week. It will run through the end of the month. Hopefully we will know how school will open up by the time August gets started. Schools are due to start August 12th in the county I work for… but there is a surge in COVID-19 cases/hospitalizations/ deaths in that county as well. Only time will tell.

I have learned a lot this summer. Going online through the spring and summer has forced me to face a surmountable foe… which is my old friend “technology”. Now I can function as well as a 5 year old on a computer.

Seems like only last year that I anticipated avoiding most technology for the rest of my teaching career… which is just a few years.

Alas… the learning is not over yet.

Half Off TP

Not more than a month and a half ago. I scored three mega-packs of tp half off the retail price. They were in the store’s manager’s special area.

You can find some good stuff on the shelves if you are willing to look. Most of the stuff is out of season, soon to expire, or damaged. Sometimes they have overstock… which is why (I’m sure)this item was there. No damage or tears in the plastic.

Who would have had a clue 6 weeks back that this was an incredible find! Well… I guess I had a clue… because I snatched those suckers up!

My Family is Safe

My Cousin’s house didn’t make it through the tornado in Cookeville, Tenn. early Tuesday morning.

Most of you have likely heard of the devastating tornado that hit Putnam County, Tennessee. I have a lot of family there. My parents met in Cookeville and I lived there until I was nine.

Thank God everyone is safe. We heard from grandma first. She is good and lives across town from the damaged area. My cousin Chris made it to his basement about the moment the back of his house vanished. His home was the only one partially standing, the others were leveled.

His next door neighbor lost a child.

I haven’t lived in Cookeville for years but go at least twice a year to visit my family. Tons of forever memories.

I talked with grandma and she said the town is in mourning. Most people knew some that dies in the storm.

Y’all say an extra prayer for this town.

Spring Surprises

Yes, I know it is not officially spring yet… but don’t tell these little guys. It is in the 60’s today, and sunny! We have had so much rain here over the last month. I think our total is 18 inches, which is more than our yearly total. I just sat outside for a while just soaking up the sun. It was quite wonderful.
Just to think, come August… I will be begging for rain.

My Life

So the countdown is on! 100 days until my daughters wedding! Then my son and his fiancé will say their vows in October. My dad has never asked for a birthday party before, he did this year. So… dad gets a party! He is excited, which is cool.
It is an exciting year!

Nip It In the Bud!

It has been nice here in the southeast for the last couple of weeks… lots of rain, but in the 60’s most every day. We are warmer than you folks up north, but typically, this is much warmer than usual.

The daffodils usually bloom mid to late February. They have already decided to join the world above ground (this photo a week old… they now have buds).

And… I have already swatted a few mosquitoes!

All the grape vines are budding… and the plum trees as well.

Tonight we drop into the 20’s.

So much for the fruit this year. Hopefully, the mosquitoes will parish as well.