Spring has Sprung!

I have the best commute!

This is just one of the farms I pass daily going to and from work. They usually just use this field for hay, cutting it a few times during the growing season. I need to remember to take a picture when the hay is bailed, it is just as pretty.



We have a serious lack of understanding this in our society.

Today students and teachers at my school had to deal with the consequences of a mad parent. They probably have no idea the turmoil they caused because of their threats. Maybe they did and don’t care. IDK

We have a set of parents that are in legal trouble with our school system because their child has been absent from school for a total period of 9 weeks. Basically an entire quarter of school.

They are not pleased that it has become a legal issue, so they threatened to bomb the school and kill our principal.

As a result, we were in lock down mode since early this morning when it occurred.

A lockdown is when we are confined to the classroom with our doors shut and locked. No students are allowed in the hallways alone.

For the students this means: doors locked, no recess, no emergency trips to the bathroom, no visits to the media center for book checkout, or for any other reason that they needed to leave the classroom.

I had one student with a splitting headache. I knew it was truly a real headache. In order to get her to the nurses office, I had to line the entire class up and take everyone to escort her.

Major loss of instructional time.

I did not tell the students the details of the lockdown. I DID explain how what was happening was the result of someone else making bad choices and losing their temper.

Maybe some of it will stick.

Thanks for the vent.

The Eagle Snowy Day

One of my favorite spring activities would be watching the eagle cams.

I use explore.org, they have five nesting sites that I keep an eye on.

This mom and baby are in Decorah, Iowa. The eaglet is about a week old.

I was surprised to see the snow today! Mom eagle looked a little miffed. She was probably thinking this was all over and done. Kinda like northerners everywhere.

There are three nesting eagle cams in California. Those eaglets are all s little older. Two nests have three eaglets! The wind was so fierce there yesterday that I was afraid they would all blow away.

Anyhow… if you love to bird watch this site has plenty of bird cams! It also offers up many other cams. So whether you like fur or feathers … explore.org is the site for you!

No Time! No Money!

This is my daughters hand! As of last night she and her beau are officially engaged!

And yes, you do remember correctly, it was just 3 months ago when I posted a picture of my son’s girl sporting her ring.

What is a poor old mom suppose to do!

I am already tutoring after school… which I am doing to help my son pay his tuition.

Thinking about turning bad… knocking off a few lemon aid stands or Girlscout cookie tables.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Not many people think of Ethiopia as a tourist destination, but I have traveling there using Google Earth.

One place in particular stands out, The Rock Churches. The Rock churches are just that, monolithic structures carved in the stone. There are 12 churches in all and some are even connected by passages that have been carved out of the stone as well.

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site. I find it fascinating. The churches are suffering damage from the years, a few are in danger of collapsing.

They are located near Addis Ababa in the eastern part of the country.

So while I was looking around, I picked a few locations to see on street view.

I landed in a very urban part of Addis Ababa… and it confused my senses.

Plastic containers everywhere! It looks like the are being bundled up for use?

Piles of them everywhere, even on the roofs. This was the same street view location, as I was trying to get most of the directions in screen shots.

They are a lot more recycle friendly than many of us are. I am sure it is a lot of work for very little money.

Adventures in Antarctica

Physically… I have never been there. I go fairly often through Google Earth.

Here are a few of my favorite street view shots:

I am guessing that this guy pulled the short stick on the tour boat. Most of the Google Map street shots are from tourist adventures on shore. I think he maybe providing information to the group.

” What is your job”

” I dress like a penguin and walk the shores of Antarctica ”

Gotta be a win!!

This is Brown Cliff Penguin colony. Several nice street shots at this sight if you visit there. I did see cones placed on the ground between the penguins and the tourists (not in this shot), I hope that they educate the group before embarking. I have yet to see any molesting the penguins, so that is a bonus.

This is O’ Higgins Base. There are a few bases along the shore. Neat to think of the scientists hanging out and gathering information. I don’t think I would want to be there all winter!

Take an adventure to Antarctica through Google Earth!

Fool’s Spring

This meme really says it all.

We had a few days in the 70’s this week. It was lovely…the sun was shining… the breeze was blowing… and the first wave of mosquitoes, gnats, wasp, and ticks sprouted out of their hellholes to say hello.

February in the south has it’s issues as well my dear northern friends.